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We believe that customer service, innovation, and performance are the keys to the success of our company.


Founded in 2001 and servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Carson Enterprise specializes in providing safety and guarantees to our clients with the use of Annuities, Life insurance, and long term care insurance products.


Our products are offered through a network of independent financial companies.

Safe Money Strategies for You

We provide a "one stop" resource for Seniors and Retirees seeking financial advice by offering FREE, personalized information regarding updated retirement changes. We work with some of the most highly rated companies in the world like: Allianz, Fidelity & Guaranty, Nationwide, Prudential, and even some major banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase to assist us with our client needs. Please give us the opportunity to serve you! We'll do our very best to earn your complete confidence and trust.

Carson Graves (Investment Advisor Representative)

Carson Graves graduated from Texas Christian University with Cum Laude honors in Finance. He is also a MDRT qualifier and is dedicated to providing Retirement Education with an unbiased, balanced approach. He believes in a comprehensive, strategic, and synergistic method by employing the skills and talents of in-house experts, strategic partners in various disciplines, and your other chosen advisors.

  • Comprehensive - We realize that your goals must be approached as parts of an overall plan.
  • Coordinated - We realize that changes in one area of your plan often impact other areas. Coordination is essential.
  • Communicative - We maintain constant communication and shared understanding with all members of our advisory team, and especially, with you.

Our Company

Founded in 2001 and servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Carson Enterprise specializes in providing safety and guarantees to our clients with the use of Annuities, Life insurance, and long term care insurance products. 

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Fixed Indexed Annuities

If you are retired or on the verge of retirement, it's important for you to consider how your income could be impacted by taxes and potential loss. Many seniors are unaware that there are proven, legal ways to save thousands in taxes while at the same time, maximizing their retirement savings.

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Long Term Care

84% of Americans have had at least some experience with nursing homes -- either as a patient or a visitor, and 46% say a family member or close friend has been in a nursing home in the past three years. (Senior Journal, July 2005.)

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